The Last Word

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Who should read it: The philosophy of logic nerds


What I took from it: The Last Word is a short book on reason and the contrast of objectivity vs. subjectivity. It highlighted to me that for a relativist position to even be partially true, it must contain elements of a realists argument. This book significantly changed the way in which I viewed the objective/subjective components of morality. Previously I considered an ethical or empathetic stance be about understanding someone’s subjective experience, yet this book highlighted to me that it is only through objectivity can we unite our understandings and cross subjective divides.

Notable quote: To put it schematically, the claim “Everything is subjective” must be nonsense, for it would itself have to be either subjective or objective. But it can’t be objective, since in that case it would be false if true. And it can’t be subjective, because then it would not rule out any objective claim, including the claim that it is objectively false.

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