Deep Work

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Who should read it: Knowledge workers or anyone concerned with productivity


What I took from it: Deep Work examines how we are becoming more and more distracted, and losing our ability to do “deep”, focused, cognitively demanding-problem solving. It is also argued that because of this, those who can do “deep work” will become increasingly more valuable in the employment market. This book definitely helps to highlight how much “shallow” or “busy work” most people do on a daily basis, and how that results in them progressively falling behind over time. Our brains are the most vital piece of equipment we have, we need to make good use of them and not erode their ability to do work by constantly succumbing to busy-work, or checking social media. You will definitely view responding to emails as less important than what you currently do if you read this book. 

Notable quote: Clarity about what matters provides clarity about what does not

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