These are some books that have I have enjoyed and found useful. They are books that make you think.

Books have been placed here for a variety of reasons. They may have improved my comprehension of the world; held up a mirror to our own ignorance; helped generate new ideas; or simply provided entertainment and an enjoyable immersion in an alternate reality.

Though, be warned: Links to external websites to purchase the books are affiliate links.

I know… Criminal!

If you do choose to purchase a book after clicking through the link then I will receive a minor (and I do mean minor) commission. This will come at no additional expense to you. Should you choose to purchase a book via an affiliate link, please know that this is much appreciated. It is a small message of support — so, thank you.

With this said, my intention is not to try and sell books to you. All books that make it to this page can be generally classified as “helpful” or “worth reading”. There are plenty that I left off that did not make the cut. I have only opted to put affiliate links on them in an attempt to make the blog semi-sustainable. Some income, even if it doesn’t cover expenses, still allows me to dedicate more time to writing. Something which I hope is good for both you and I.

I will be adding to this list over time, as I progressively discover and read more interesting books. I have also tried to group the books in ways that they have influenced my thinking. The books may not necessarily be directly about that topic, only that they shaped that part of my world-view. Aiming to read at least two books from each section is probably a decent start to gaining some conceptual understanding and appreciation for the category.

In summary, these books have been good to me and I wanted to pass that fortune on. I have written about the value of books, and my own approach to reading, here.

Making the world a better place (progressivism)

Letters to a young contrarian

We should all be feminists

Awareness of history (conservatism)

The vision of the anointed

The quest for cosmic justic

Programming, computer science, math & statistics

Think Python

The book of why

How not to be wrong

Algorithms to live by

Statistics without the tears

Computer science: A very short


The personal MBA

Zero to One

Anything you want

4 hour work week

How to win friends


The Kite runner

The Hitchhikers series



The catcher in the rye



Heart warming non-fiction

you learn by living


Humans and their nature


The blank slate

The righteous mind

the lessons of history

Personal philosophy & development

The intellectual life

Ego is the enemy

Deep work


Cognition & metacognition

Reflective mind

Map & territory

How to actually change your mind

The intelligence trap

Applied critical thinking

The last word

The most important thing

Langauge in thought & action

The moral landscape

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