What is the world really like? Is it a good place? If it contains some good and some bad, what parts specifically do we wish to keep? What parts should we keep but look to improve? What makes the world this way? What would it cost to change it?

In fact, can we even change it?

I say: Yes.

ThereforeThink is a platform where I hope to contribute to the important questions, conversations and ideas of our time — by sharing my insights with the people who are living during it.


Lyndon Purcell

I am fascinated by the power of knowledge. In particular, how the discovery and implementation of knowledge helps create both a better life for ourselves and a world for others. With a focus on formal logic, rationality and critical thinking, I attempt to use a convergence of philosophy, fiction and science to dissect problems, examine their individual components and begin the search for more desirable outcomes. 

As a student, I am studying computer science and artificial intelligence. As a professional, I work in mental health case management. I hope to bridge this divide one day and create something using my skills from the former that helps solve problems within the latter. In addition to these things, I am also a co-host for the PhilosophyAu podcast, alongside my good friend Josh.

A previous version of myself obtained a bachelors and a masters degree in sport science and was the Manager of Educational Services for a leading health and fitness company. This knowledge and experience hasn’t left me, though it was not to be the end point of my evolution either.

I believe strongly that we can all change, and help the world change, for the better. It won’t happen by chance, however. We must think hard, creatively and be willing to discard or aggressively refine our ideas. ThereforeThink is part of my own attempt to do that.