Through the exploration of multidisciplinary and thought-provoking ideas, ThereforeThink aims to use a combination of insight and imagination to arm someone with the tools for living a meaningful, moral and productive life.

The process for achieving this is to address factors relating to cognition and behaviour by drawing on a multitude of knowledge sources, including philosophy, psychology, science and fiction.

ThereforeThink‘s mission is simple. It is to consider what is known, try recognise what isn’t, be open-minded to what could be, and then use that as a platform to create better ways of thinking, acting and being.

Recent Articles

Towards the start of the year I transitioned into the field of mental health. After gaining some first-hand experience with some very unwell people, and how they are supported, it...

How to use the command line – Part 2 (IP&CS #4)

Last time, we explored the command line using the Terminal app. We are going to do the same again today, expanding on what we previously covered. Before that, though, let’s do a quick summary of...

How to use the command line – Part 1 (IP&CS #3)

Ever wondered what that weird and scary looking app Terminal is for?


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